The Astrology of the Big Cycle of Transformation and Change – Planets on a Rampage – 2020-2026

Pluto is still in Capricorn (isn’t it there for fricken’ EVER) and it is doing battle in the skies to remake the mess humans have made of the world. It all started in 2008 and will continue through 2030, even after Pluto moves out of Capricorn in 2024. One referee in this turbulent time is the minor planet, Eris.

Eris is a newcomer to the astrology family. Named for the female counterpart to Mars, she is the goddess of war. Only discovered in 2005 and beyond Pluto, her wild elliptical orbit takes 558 years to go around the sun.

Eris - Goddess of discord and strife
Eris-Greek Goddess of Discord and Strife

In astrology, she balances Mars’ aggression through more thoughtful methods of making change. Some astrologers are predicting that Eris is the one who will reign in the humans’ tendency to race off the cliff like lemmings because of mass global corruption and greed.

Perhaps, when this cycle is over, war will be a thing of history and the ancient prophesy of swords turned into plowshares can become a reality. Pollyanna? Maybe. I won’t be around to share in the new Shangri-La, but if my beliefs in an afterlife and reincarnation are true, I might just come back to bask in the world’s newly found peace.

The Big Push

The big push began a few years ago with Pluto’s long-term aspect to Uranus and Eris. This started the cycle of revolutions in governments and corporations and manifested in intensifying what was already happening in much of the world.

Major Cycles

In 2020, three major planetary cycles come full circle and start again on a different level to trigger what is being called the “Social Reset” and the beginning of the “Great Transformation” that will last from 2020 to 2030. This will be a time when the world will turn inside out and remake itself.

During this period, the world will be in transformation—BIG TIME. Already the Covid-19 pandemic has many of us thinking that we will need a new way of running the world. The rampant greed-infused energy that soaks many of those who run governments, organizations, institutions, and businesses are in for a wake-up call.

If the astrology holds true, during this long cycle, people WILL wake up and make changes for the better. Old systems will crumble and a new-and-better world will begin to rise from the ashes. The influence was already felt in the decidedly odd and unexpected election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States. Whether you are for or against this, it is a result of people looking for change.

Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, and Capricorn 

Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, and Capricorn are driving the bus. The way the world is run could come to a full and complete stop before we can rebuild, and restructure. The Covid-19 pandemic is one way this is happening. This disaster has been predicted by astrologers for years as they saw the gathering of Neptune with trans-Neptunian planets and asteroids with a nasty reputation for wreaking havoc with health issues.

The main players in this global transformation are, of course, the heavy-hitter outer planets. If I were a fly on the wall on Mount Olympus, I would hear Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto shouting, “Enough is enough! Time to make some drastic changes these people will NEVER forget!”

Uranus into Taurus

Uranus moved from Aries to Taurus and will stay there until 2026. This Titan brings revolutions in matters of money and agriculture. And just in time, too. Foods that we commonly consider essential are in danger—vanilla bean orchids are in collapse, global warming is devastating cacao plants, Arabica coffee plants are suffering to a point of crisis. A fungus is threatening the banana crops, Covid-19 runs rampant in meat and poultry processing plants. There’s more, but you get the idea. Farmers are realizing that their traditional practices of using massive pesticides and herbicides to feed the world is not sustainable much longer because climate change is altering nearly everything.

coronavirus Image:

The Little Bug that Could – Covid-19 goes Toga-Party Wild

Except for astrologers and some visionary thinkers who have been shouting into the wind about all this for decades, people are in shock and denial and stubbornly try to hold on to their old ways. Sometimes this is expressed in anger and rage at those who are trying to protect us and prevent total annihilation.

This is Uranus and Mars at their worst 

Uranus and Mars are at their bad-boy worst as angry, ignorant people take to the street with weapons and spittle-screaming violence (Mars)against people wearing safety masks, businesses being closed, crowds being banned, and the restrictions on socializing. Regardless of the consequences to the innocent, they bellow about their freedoms (Uranus) being trampled. Why? Because, as one woman put it on the nightly news, “I want to get my nails done and my hair dyed.

Neptune in Pisces 

From 2011 to 2025 Neptune in Pisces brings water shortages and a need for new ways to water crops and keep drinking water safe and flowing.

Spiritually, Neptune brings a crisis of soul for many who have navigated their lives without compassion. But Neptune is also the planet of illusion and delusion and it is playing this hand in the misinformation and outright lies coming from many in positions of power in government, big business, pharma, and money-makers who are in a winner-take-all mindset and spew falsehoods, rumors, and outright lies to the people.

In 2020, the new Saturn/Pluto cycle began

This new cycle began with Saturn and Pluto coming together in Capricorn. This began the whopping 30-year cycle of rebuilding governments, business and anything with power and authority. Saturn sets boundaries and puts structure and methodology in major change but Pluto has a slash-and-burn philosophy. For Pluto, rebuilding means tearing everything down, burning it all to ashes then rebuilding from ground zero.

Jupiter barges in

The great benefic, Jupiter joined the party and will be here for most of 2020. Jupiter, the Mighty Zeus, is the big daddy in the sky. He brings expansion, and a sense of joy to this process. Saturn and Pluto are dead serious, and Jupiter says, “Lighten up. Things are going to be great!”

Zeus/Jupiter - King of Kings
Zeus. The king of the gods and ruler of mount Olympus,
sky and thunder

Restructure and Rebuild

Attitude aside, these planets are on a mission to restructure the way the world is run in a better way. What we are finding out is that this kind of change is painful and can be tragic.

We know that the pandemic will change our lives forever. Eris is altering our emotional and mental understanding of how we live in the world of dangers we can’t see.

The planets are throwing back the covers of complacency and exposing grave flaws in systems of government, business, and health care. Does all this mean that a national health-care system is coming so the US can catch up to most of the rest of the world? Or perhaps there will be an overhaul of the system we already have.

Will Wall Street and banking finally face their Karma? Will they continue to fight back to maintain the status-quo?

Will corruption in government suddenly stop and everyone repent? Unlikely. Expect push-back, distraction tactics, more lies and misdirection. “Take no notice of the man behind the curtain” (Wizard of Oz paraphrase).

Expect conflict as the old ways are drowning in the mud they created but fight back with every trick they have.

Expect a financial crisis or collapse (history, anyone?) as the deregulation of some industries throw us back into the old ways of boom-and-bust.

Our savior? Open communication. Exposing hypocrisy, crime, and deception when we can.

Pluto and Saturn

Heavy-hitters Pluto and Saturn came together in conjunction in January and released unrest in the world around accountability by the perpetuators of the old ways and the promoters of new ways. The sociopathic evil wizards in power today will fight to hold on to their golden calf, but awareness, knowledge, and communication are the weapons they cannot fight.

Saturn and Jupiter 

return to Aquarius—the sign of egalitarianism, brotherhood, and humanity—on December 21, 2020. Although these two planets come together every 20 years, this is the first time they will be in an air sign (Aquarius) and will continue their 20-year conjunction in air signs until 2159.

This is the call of the majority. The entrenched dark, and greedy ways of people gripping the old paradigm for dear life will fight to continue business as usual, but by the end of this major cycle of change in 2030, they will crumble under their own weight.

The old saying “follow the money” will still hold true after all the dust has settled, but where we place our money will change. The fringes of this can already be seen in the cry and call for better food. The popularity of boxes of sugar-fat-salt with little nutritional value and stuffed full of potentially harmful ingredients is plummeting.

Companies such as Kellogg’s, Nestle’s, Pepsi, and Coca Cola are heeding the changing tastes and looking for ways to take out the unwanted ingredients, including GMO, carrageenan, artificial coloring, and synthetic flavorings. Organic produce sales are on the rise. Many pharmaceutical practices are in question. (Epipen price hike, anyone?)

In large part, the people shouting into the wind for positive change have made only tiny inroads, often silenced by the big guns. In 2020 this all began to change and by 2021 bigger and more dramatic changes will be seen. Protesters and whistle-blowers will be taken more seriously and will be more widely heard. Visionary leaders will attract more supporters.

Innovation to reverse the systems that have brought our environment to a crisis will be in the forefront. The big moneywill be made in environmental health and in alternative medical practices joining forces with modern medicine.

Maybe it will finally be financially beneficial to find an affordable cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other devastating diseases. Even now, scientists all over the globe are coming together to find a cure or vaccine for Covid-19. I’m wondering how the behemoth-sized medical insurance companies in the United States will change. Their strangle-hold over medical care has created an enormous mess where full health care without it is near-impossible for anyone but the rich.

“It’s never easy.”

Dylan Hunt, Andromeda Galaxy

It’s important to remember, however, that the population of earth is a wide and varied group. Old souls and young, all with different agendas clash–sometimes with violence. Some of us are aware, honorable, and compassionate. Others of us are fear-based, violent, and emotionally disturbed.

Will all this stop and equalize for the better in the dawning of a new age? Unlikely, but I am confident that we will turn the wheel so that the light is stronger than the darkness in us. If astrology tells a true tale, compassion and logic will rule over self-serving emotions and greedy actions at the end of this cycle of koyaanisquatsi and powaqqatsi.*

* Hopi for life out of balance and life in transition.

Bumpy Road
Image: wallpaper

Expect a bumpy ride for a while but in the end, Earth just might be a great place to live—until the next cycle begins. At the time of this writing, I am 72 years-old and probably won’t be around to see the “golden age” in full flower, but I’m happy to be a part of its beginning.

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