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If we are not living in joy,
we are not living


How do we live in JOY? Life always throws us curves. We live in joy by being able to resolve our issues, let go of the "stuck energy" hiding in us as complicated and confusing emotions that keep us from moving forward or letting go of blocks to our "heart-centered" living.

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My childhood was a prime example of dysfunctional living. It was my connection to spirit and divine mind that guided me through the darkness of my crazy early life. That connection taught me to seek ways through the mire into the light.

  • If life is an ongoing struggle
  • If relationships and friendships are not nurturing your well-being
  • If most of the time, you feel less-than…, unworthy of…, guilty, ashamed, frustrated, blocked, afraid, or more—it might be time to seek assistance from someone who can help you gain perspective, let go, understand the cause/effect of your future, offer you Truth and a path forward.


Knowing, understanding, and having insight into your future can bring you balance, and access to the kind of joy and confidence that helps you handle life’s challenges in a positive empowering way.

The services I offer have helped so many people, all over the world move out of doubt, fear, uncertainty, and self-sabotaging attitudes into strength, empowerment, enrichment, and aligning with their spirit.

If you aren't having a good time, the reason lies in you and you CAN do something about it.

There's a lot to enjoy in life if you know how.

Browse my website and discover what I have to offer you for an unshakled life. From the Paranormal and Psychic to Emotional tools for living, I can assist you in finding answers your own, unique way.