Psychic Readings

I connect directly to your core spiritual self for clear and unobstructed information that guides you on your life path to give you answers to your personal questions.


If you have a Tarot reading by someone who doesn’t know how to read the symbols and hidden code built into the cards by the creators of the Tarot, you are NOT getting a full Tarot reading.

An intuitive reader can give you a “psychic” reading based on his or her intuition about the cards, and this is fine but without an understanding and ability to actually read the Tarot code, you won’t be receiving a full and complete Tarot reading.

Psychic readings are wonderful and helpful in many ways. I do them myself, but they are NOT Tarot readings. Tarot readings give you a complete reading that goes beyond intuition.

I know the cards. I’ve been studying and using them since my mother taught me when I was a small child. I teach Tarot and use the cards in my daily life. I offer you authentic Tarot Readings.

Crystal Ball (Scrying)

Scrying is an ancient art and can bring profound results. I use the “ball” alone, or in combination with Psychic and Tarot to answer your questions and give you guidance for overcoming challenges and avoiding pitfalls on your journey through life.


The lines in our palm, the shape of our hand and fingers reveal so much about us and our life journey. I look at your hand and give you insight and guidance or what is and what’s to come.


I offer a full range of astrology services including, natal, forecast, relationship, health, horary (a question asked and answered), mundane, relocation, pre-natal, and more.

My personalized astrology services help you know yourself–past, present, and future–in the greatest detail and clarity. There is no question about yourself or destiny that cannot be addressed by an in-depth astrological analysis. I offer both astrology services and training.

Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can enhance your life in so many ways. From habit and weight control, to past life regression, and psychic enhancement, hypnosis is powerful process. It’s fast and it works. I use traditional, Kappasonian, and Ericksonian hypnosis to help you achieve the change you want.

In addition, I can teach you a dynamic method of Self-Hypnosis, so you can take care of many of life’s challenges yourself.

I also offer training in clinical/spiritual hypnosis to help others or to use self-hypnosis to enhance every aspect of your life.

In my Professional Hypnosis Training book, you can learn professional hypnosis through a self-guided course (includes CD or MP3), available from (Kindle),

Training fees: Clinical/Spiritual Hypnosis: $900 (16 week certification course). Self Hypnosis $160 (two-hour session).


In this hectic world, meditation has become a valuable tool for mental, emotional, and physical health. No longer relegated to the metaphysical fringes of society, meditation is highly recommended and even prescribed by doctors and therapists.

I teach meditation that is tailored specifically for you. Whether you want a simple de-stresser or to travel to the far reaches of the cosmic consciousness, I can show you how.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

I offer NLP training and private sessions. NLP is a way of knowing how you process and experience the world around you. The filters you adopt that create your “code” of true/false, right/wrong affect every aspect of our lives from business to relationships; from fears to your ability to succeed.

NLP “debugs” your filter code and frees you to experience the world to your greatest ability.

NLP Training: Varies from introductory courses at $250, to Practitioner Trainings $1200 and up