Soul Groups

When we first incarnate into physical existence, we do so as sparks of a greater whole. We evolve as individual beings, mostly unaware that we are but a small piece of a greater self.

When we reach the final stages of spiritual evolution, we begin to reunite with our greater self but with full self-awareness. When we finally finish our need to be separate and incarnate into physical existence, we rejoin our group.

Because of karma and individual choices, not all our souls incarnate and evolve at the same rate. Some “graduate” sooner than others. Some are in spirit while others are in Astral, and so forth. When a group is complete, it begins to join with other groups to form an even greater mind.

Johar is a part of a large group of ascended souls who have joined their consciousnesses together in a great consciousness.

Johar is the “voice” of the group that Anita and Allen are a part of. There are nearly 1,000 souls in the complete group. There are a few hundred still to complete their cycles of earthly existence before the group will be complete.

Johar’s last individual incarnation was in ancient Babylonia. They come through Anita and anyone else who is compatible with the group’s energy. Their mission is to help awakening souls to their true and greater spiritual selves.

They give advice, guidance, and instruction. They give healing and reveal wisdom and knowledge about destiny, karma, truth, and how to overcome the obstacles and challenges standing in the way of true happiness.

Simon is the “voice” for a completed group that is joining with Johar’s group. Their mission is to assist and add greater empowerment to the Johar group. Simon’s messages are often more lively and earthy than Johar. Both groups always give truth and help us understand ourselves and our place in the destiny of the world.

They have vast knowledge, wisdom, and insight into our lives as a whole and bring us to a place of centeredness and healing that is deeper than on just the physical and emotional level.

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