Day 1: Confetti Head

Originally Posted August 24, 2009

My life has always been a potpourri. Never able to specialize, not a parent, and married more times than most people (five), I have spent a life of extreme variability.

Anita Burns. Julia Chld, has no competition

I am the eternal child, interested in most everything. I still thrill at watching ants scurry about. I’ve always wondered why all the “cool” science stuff seems to be geared for children. Don’t adults like to explore, experience, and marvel at the wonders of the universe? I would love to go to Space Camp, for example. My husband is the same way, infinitely curious and interested in the world. The last time we went to San Diego’s Balboa Park museums, we ventured into a science room full of gadgets, “please touch me” thingies, videos, games, and more. We were having a great time! For a while we were the only ones there, but about 30 minutes later, we looked up at the now full room and discovered that we were the tallest people there! Well there were others, but they were patiently looking on as their offspring enjoyed the wonders of the universe. Laughing about it, we continued to enjoy the fun.

Odd Living

As for relationships (friends included), I tend to gather with other odd birds. Those who do not vote a straight Democratic or Republican ticket. I like thinkers, philosophers, poets, artists, and people who believe in UFOs, out-of-body travel, reincarnation, the possibility of being invisible, and other such odd-stream.

My last ex-husband, a poet, philosopher, geologist, writer, NLP developer, humorist extraordinaire, and Daniel Boone wannabe, lives with us. He and my husband are great friends, they even sing together on occasion, as a group they call The OM Boys.

I have heard that it’s unusual, to be close friends with an ex. I’m not sure why. David is a wonderful person. All of the things I liked about him are still there. We just didn’t make it as a unified, legally bonded couple. We laugh, go to restaurants that my husband hates, go camping with other odd duck friends, and explore the world together. We watch Jeopardy together, which my husband, Allen, also hates.

On the other hand, David & Allen watch sci-fi movies that I think are not worth 90 minutes of my time, go out and do Guy Stuff, whatever that is, and enjoy exploring the world of micro-brewery beer. It is a perfect trio. My two best friends and one of them is also the love of my life – Allen.

My husband, Allen, is 11 years younger than me. It is perfect because so am I. He keeps me balanced and urges me to push the few boundaries I have (or had) in the field of creativity and also reminds me sometimes that doing things on the edge of the law is not always a good idea. He is the most honest, ethical, kind, generous, and beautiful person I have ever known. He is a composer at heart and writes the most beautiful music. His vocal CD is coming out soon. He has three other, esoteric/spiritual CDs – AUMDancing to the Edge of the Universe, and Chakras Gone Wild. These aren’t the typical New Age, Woo Woo music to sooth and tranquilize like Prince Valium. No, these wake you up! Get the juices flowing! Tear down walls in the mind and heart! They are dynamic, powerful, and extremely unique.

I am not a religious person. I’m not an atheist. I guess I would be an agnostic. Completely in the dark about what is true about spirituality. Definitely not an “ist” of any kind that I can think of. Thought I was a Christian when younger, but experience and so much weirdness in my life led to research that convinced me that Christianity was definitely not for me. I’ve often wondered how the Christians I’ve known can poo poo the theories of metaphysics and other religions as being ridiculous and illogical when they accept their own equally ridiculous and illogical story of Jesus without question. How is virgin birth, walking on water, changing water into wine, resurrection, etc. any more logical than the Xenu story of Scientology? Both seem pretty far-fetched to me.

For now, I remain sure that there is something that goes beyond the physical existence, and that there is an inherent goodness in people that gets covered up by fears, and that there must be something in the design of the universe that goes beyond chance. What that is, I don’t know. I was a follower of the Indian guru, Sathya Sai Baba for a while. His existence and abilities still remain a mystery to me, but I’ve experienced too many questions to keep being a blind devotee. I dabbled in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other isms. I have been on the board of directors of a Church of a Religious Science, a member of Unity, White Eagle Lodge, Rosicrucians (both of them), Self Realization Fellowship, and more that escape my memory at the moment. All of these “isms” say they have the Truth. Not sure how this can be true since they are all are so different from each other. My conclusion at this time is that there is no TRUTH—only personal truth. Of all of them, I like Taoism the best. It’s clean, simple, open, and without pretense.

I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and am certified as a trainer. NLP makes more sense to me than anything else in the world. It is the foundation upon which I base most of my thinking. That is that I question everything and don’t completely buy into anything as being permanent and unchangeable. As one of my NLP teachers, Richard Bandler, once said, “It’s all made up anyway. You may as well believe what makes you feel good.” I am striving toward that point.

My theme song for now is:
“We may think that we think what we think, but what we don’t know is that we are what we think and what we think is not what we think we are thinking.”

Other Confetti Head Stuff:

I am also a gourmet cook, metaphysical trance channel, tai chi instructor (or used to be), yoga instructor (again used to be), astrologer, tarot reader and instructor, writer, Re Hu Tek practitioner, and a lover of tent camping. I cry in movies, write poetry. I am a digital artist, photographer, and so many other things – Confetti Head.

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