Chaos 2020, June Astrology

Astrologers have been blowing the horns of warning for at least a decade if not more that 2020 would bring huge changes in nearly every aspect of life on earth.

The gathering powerhouse planets have and are coming together in great clashes and in bellicose banging, clanging, and roaring. A planetary maelstrom of powerful energies twisting and distorting the way things were into the way they will be. 

It all started with January’s coming together of the mighty Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Arm in arm they linked forces to begin the gargantuan job of reimagining what it means to be a human on planet Earth.


Saturn, the god of reckoning and Pluto, the god of the underworld and the great destroyer and transformer are plowing the road to revolutionize of our way of life. Oh, Saturn will preserve anything worthwhile, as he helps Pluto tear down what is past due for healing, restructuring, or elimination.

This is a bad time to be a leader or anyone in authority who has abused power for selfish means or to vent misplaced anger. The planets are coming after you! 

The light at the end of the tunnel is a mere flicker in this time of pandemic, violence in the streets, and near economic collapse. As an astrologer, though, I can see that we are heading for redemption, although it will probably be a rough road to get there.

Structures and governing systems that have been the status quo for their own selfish ends instead of for the greater good are in for a tumble. Before that happens, however, there will be a struggle for power between two polarized factions desperate to keep real change at bay. 

In the recent past, dissenters have gathered to protest but their efforts failed to spark lasting change. Since then, there have been rumblings of the change to come but the planets hadn’t yet solidified their positions. The Arab Spring and Resist Wallstreet are two examples that started out strong but couldn’t stay the course.

Now, though, all the most powerful forces for real change are marching on the same road. There is a collective drive toward transformation and purging corruption from our governing and policing systems.

In the meantime, we are living in turmoil and upheaval. There is violence and anger at the way things have been. 


As of late May, more planets and heavenly events have joined the revolution. In May, the full Moon in Scorpio brought intense, hidden emotions to the surface. Now we are in June and the party is in full swing.


  • Uranus: Jan 11, 2019; Direct Jan 11, 2020; Retrograde Aug 15
  • Pluto: April 25; Oct 4
  • Venus: May 11 (13); Direct June 24 (25)
  • Saturn: May 11; Direct Sept 29
  • Jupiter: May 14; Direct Sept 13
  • Mercury: June 17 (18); Direct July 12; Retrograde Oct 14; Direct Nov 3
  • Neptune: June 23; Direct Nov 29
  • Chiron: July 11; Direct Dec15
  • Uranus: Aug 15; Direct Janu 1, 2021

Retrogrades pull the planets’ energy back; they are less focused, and their message is somewhat confused. On the other hand, if we have bungled something in the past, we get a do-over. These planets come together in stressful aspects and stir the pot of destiny. There is little clarity and many false starts on the road to recovery.


June 17, Mercury goes retrograde, joining the big players—Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto—as they move backward in the sky. Venus shoots off on her own a few days before Neptune turns retrograde. 

June 27, Mars enters Aries causing a major energetic shift toward take-no-prisoners action. He blasts us from his home sign until January 7, 2021

June 5/6 and 20/21 (and again on July 5) we have major eclipses. Normally they come in pairs twice a year. This year we have four. The first was in January. Lucky us. 

June 5/6 the Lunar eclipse is 15 Sagittarius, bringing an impulsive and angry energy from the Moon’s square Mars. The Moon is also opposite Venus—not a good sign for peace or patience. This strains relationships and brings a marked lack of self-control. This means impulsive actions, hostility, and rushed decisions that prove to have negative results. 

June 20/21 Lunar eclipse in Cancer occurs on the Northern hemisphere’s summer solstice and the Southern hemisphere’s winter solstice. There is a lot of dynamic power with this eclipse and some confusion. This heralds a large shift of power—an extraordinary time. Big things will shift.

Cancer’s energy is compassionate, receptive, and introspective. But the planets that activate it make a difference. In 2001, September 11, we were under the influence of a Cancer eclipse, but Mars was the energy activating it and we had the attack on the World Trade Center. Of course, there was a lot more going on in the skies that created such a monumental disaster, so let’s keep focused on 2020.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct the North Node in 29 Gemini. The 29th degree is always stressful, and this conjunction says that we will be seeking our “safe place.” We will be looking for ways to escape the tension and stress in the world.

As uncomfortable as the situation is, this eclipse brings inception energy. It is the start of something big and beautiful. There is a lot of feminine force in this eclipse, so expect leadership or inspiration to come from women or a specific woman.

This eclipse impacts homeland security. Washington DC’s rising sign is Taurus—money, finances, stock market. There could be a major financial crisis toward the end of 2020 or early in 2021. The eclipse falls on the US natal Venus. Venus rules Taurus and represents relationships with goods and money. She’s retrograde, so it could mean a financial fallback, loss, and stress.

Neptune is involved here and muddies the waters, bringing chaos and uncertainty along with quarreling and bickering about what is truth and what is not (alternate facts, anyone?). Although there is never any shortage of conspiracy theories and religious extremists, in June, expect them to rise up and be more in-your-face and loud than in the past.


All in all, through the rest of the year, many people are restless, and ready to have the pandemic gone and economic stability returned. But it’s not going to happen soon. With Venus  and the retrograde armada of the almighty outer planets, the forces will be powerful and rigid. Forward motion is like swimming upstream. First, the mighty Titan planets have to slap us upside the head to get our attention: “YOUR WAY OF RUNNING THE WORLD IS NOT WORKING!!” 

Unless we get that message into our heads, any attempts to reinstate “normalcy” will fail and we will have to step back and redraw the plan. 

May, June, and into July, Venus is retrograde. In May, Venus, the Empress of the Tarot squared Neptune (The Hanged Man in Tarot) for the second time. Squares are always challenges that we feel compelled to overcome. Neptune is asking us to turn our world upside down and look at just about everything familiar with from a different perspective. Examine our beliefs and perspectives. Do they serve us and/or the greater good? Or are they limiting, destructive, and/or emotionally toxic? 

The way we shop, do business, practice religion, and our beliefs and expectations about our government and lawmakers could shift into a different paradigm. During this time, many of us are insecure about the future, or place in society, and our way of living. This is a time of collective confusion and running in circles.

Venus turns direct on June 24 but because she will connect with Neptune again in July forher final dance with him. We aren’t out of the woods, yet. There is chaos still to come.

Mars moves through Pisces on June 13, catching up to Neptune, meaning truth, boundaries, and our sense of reality will be hazy and unfocused.

At the end of May, the Sun formed a sesquisquare to Pluto that brought out power struggles in politics and global governments. At the start of June, though, the Sun sesquisquares Jupiter and brings a false sense of hope and confidence that the worst is over. What actual good news there is gets blown out of proportion.

On June 2, Mars squares Venus. Expect sparks and dynamic energy. There is stress and explosive events alongside ego posturing and sabre rattling. On the other hand, this can also spark incredible creativity, inventiveness, and dynamic interactions between world powers that can bring surprising solutions to the problems that plague the planet.

At the same time, Venus slides into a square with Mars on June 2 and the Sun barges into a square with Mars, meaning that repressed anger spills out in the collective. Venus is what we want, and Mars is how we go about getting it. 

As Captain Dillon said on the show, Andromeda, “It’s never easy.” There might be political power struggles and world leader skirmishes. Small things can turn to resentment and eventually come back to bite them in the behind. Mars is in Pisces, so there is compassion in all this mix that could be shouting in the wind to stop the madness.  

Another monumental astrology event is the Moon’s Nodes changing signs on June 4 for Mean Node and May 4 for True Node. They change signs again early in 2022. The South node moves into Sagittarius and the North node goes into Gemini. 

They move us into the world of ideas, inspiration, and communication (Gemini) and expansion, finding truth, and stretching boundaries (Sagittarius). Jupiter also rules religion, so expect some major changes coming from that sector in society. 

Gemini is about detail, duality, and short-distance travel, neighbors and neighboring countries, news media, and, in light of the George Floyd murder by a police officer, I would like to mention that Gemini also rules trachea and breathing. 

Sagittarius reaches out to explore the universe. He is BIG IDEAS, and broad, sweeping gestures and goals. Sagittarius rules abundance, advertising, law, government, banking, higher education, courts and legal affairs, military service, philosophy,  religion, foreign affairs, ideals,  but Gemini will restrict his bountiful “largeness.” We will have to pull back and focus on the details of the big picture and look at both sides of the situations that face us as a nation. 

The US has Sagittarius rising (Sibley Chart) and is in its Pluto return. In 2001, the South Node was in Sagittarius just after September 11. This led to travel restrictions, ramped up security checks, and fewer personal freedoms as most of our rights to privacy flew out the window. In a similar way, the Covid-9 virus has also restricted our movements and could possibly invade our privacy even more if, as some legislators are considering a tracker on every person to map how the virus spreads. Somehow, “tracker” gives many Americans the heebie-jeebies and brings up visions of George Orwell’s 1984. 

June 7-10, Venus sesquisquares Pluto and Jupiter. Jupiter retrogrades back to its second of three conjunctions to Pluto. Jupiter and Pluto come closer to each other. Expect waves of fear about the pandemic to rise again and there will surely be temper tantrums from our world leaders.

On June 11, the Sun, which was square to Mars during the full Moon, squares Neptune at the same time it squares Mars. There is more confusion and it’s hard to get a clear idea of where we are going and why. 

On June 13, with Mars and Neptune at 20 Pisces, the Moon shows up in 12 Pisces. More uncertainty and bewilderment.  

The saving grace in all this turmoil is that Venus in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries, showing us that through compassion and decency, we can make positive changes to end or greatly curtail authoritarian brutality and senseless violence.


On June 14, the Moon goes into Aries, bringing some clarity, especially with the sea of misinformation flooding the news and social media. At the same time, the Sun makes a sesquisquare to Uranus and an inconjunct to Pluto, then to Jupiter on the June 16, and Saturn on the June 21. All this means surprising breakthroughs that reveal how we have been disconnected from facts and truth while acting on fantasy and “truth bubbles”. 

On June 17, Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, bringing sluggish communication, secrets,  and holding back information (same ol’ same ol game). At the same time, Neptune goes retrograde along with the other big-hitters. Plans turn out to be foolhardy and there is no clarity.

The next day, on June 18, Mars makes a sextile to Jupiter, semi-square to Uranus and radiates electric, sudden energy and surprises. There’s also a sextile to Pluto making Mars go deep and dark (Pluto) but still hopeful (Jupiter). 

Because there is also a sextile to Saturn, practical progress toward resolution to the mess we are in can be made, especially with the help of Venus when she goes direct on June 24. 

It’s important to remember, however, that changes are never instantaneous. There is no “come to Jesus moment” with worldwide and political issues. Our governments and the collective they are governing are made up of people who all have their unique astrological charts and will respond accordingly. 

Positive change will happen but not in a clean-as-a-whistle way. Expect three steps forward and one back scenarios. These are complex times.

From June 20 to 22. Neptune retrogrades causing some confusion until it goes direct at the end of November. Pluto turns direct in October. Saturn direct in September, then Jupiter turns direct mid-September. Mercury, however, moving uncharacteristically slow puts the brakes on the leap ahead that would normally come from retrogrades going direct.

Venus is direct on the June 24 and faced with another blast from Mars in his last degrees of Pisces. Mars then moves into Aries and forms a sextile to Saturn who makes him reduce orbital speed, something that Mars doesn’t like. Like a horse at the starting gate, he builds energy, just waiting for the gate to open so he can again rush ahead and win. In this scene, when Mars slows down, it’s easier for the world to create solutions for the issues facing us in these troubling and chaotic times.

On June 29, Jupiter backs into Pluto radiating hope and optimism. What was hidden will come out into the open. This could relate to the pandemic virus, fear, and/or misinformation). Jupiter and Pluto bring us an opportunity to know when we are being lied to. Expect social media to be in the news again—think Donald Trump’s melt down over Twitter placing a fact-checking link on his Tweets. Facebook, and the like might be hit with some surprise lawsuits or regulations, or there could be greater Social Medial restrictions.

The month ends when the Sun squares Chiron, and Mercury joins that square as it sextiles Uranus. The Sun also sextiles Uranus. There will be new ideas, innovative thinking, possibilities, and innovations.

After all this, I’m almost afraid to look at July. 

Oh, well, I’ll close my eyes, hold my nose and dive into the deep end.


Many thanks for the inspiration I received from listening to the extraordinary astrologers, Rick Levine and Anne Ortelee. They helped me understand more deeply, the the chaos in the world right now.

For more about them and other amazing astrologers: astrology


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