Love, Passion, and Astrology

Oh, John, it would never work. You’re an Aries and I’m a Virgo….. Sigh.

Love, a complex topic, is probably written about more than any other subject. When it comes to love in astrology, your Sun Sign holds important guidance about your love nature but to find the whole story, you must look deeper into your astrology chart to Mars, Venus, Mercury, the seventh house, and more.

My clients often ask questions such as, “I’m an Aries. Am I compatible with Virgos?” or “Can two Aquarians get along?” This is something like saying, “I’m an American. Am I compatible with Italians?” The answers lie in who you are and what choices you make for partners. Those choices are reflected in your whole chart. Plus, any Sun Sign is compatible with any other Sun Sign if the rest of your chart is in harmony with the other person. 

 Astrology can show you, in fine detail, your love nature, what kinds of mates are better for you than others, what types you will be attracted to or draw to you, what you expect from a mate, whether you are likely to have one committed relationship or many, and what they’ll be like. 

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. My Mars is next to your Venus. We were made for each other!

Determining all this, however, takes more than just looking at your “Sign.” A complete horoscope needs to be charted. The astrologer will then look at your Sun and Moon signs, the asteroid Juno, your fifth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses, what planets are there and what signs are on those houses and the planets that “rule” them. 

Pretty complex stuff, but worth the effort. You’ll know more about yourself, or another, than years of traditional analysis could ever reveal. However, even without a complete love nature chart, you can discover some very important pieces of your love nature just from your Sun sign.

The Sun represents your basic inner self, your overall inner direction. Keeping in mind that other things in your chart will adjust the influences of the Sun, these energies will be a part of you and you will express them in many ways.

Sun Sign Love Nature

Mr. Sinberg! I’m a Sagittarius and you’re an Aries. I think we can turn sparks into a bonfire!


With your fire, you’ll be a driving force in any relationship. Your powerful libido energy can stir newly awakened feelings in your partner(s). Choose partners who aren’t likely to be singed by your passion and one who doesn’t mind you being in charge.


Your romantic nature is down to earth, constant and enduring. You are a generous lover and delight in pleasing your partner, but you expect loyalty and steadfastness in return. Choose a partner who is emotionally flexible, you don’t often give in when you want your own way.


You like variety. Whether you have many partners or one, you need change. The same lovemaking routine will leave you cold and bored. Choose a partner who likes to experiment and is willing to try new ideas or act out your fantasies.


You are self-protective where relationships are concerned and you may keep your intimate life secret. You tend to nurture lovers and can be very generous to them. Find a partner who will appreciate being cared for, wanted and needed.


Your romantic personality is generous and charming. You are tender, affectionate and free with your loving heart. In return, you want to be appreciated. You need a partner who is as lavish as yourself with affection.


Although Virgo is often viewed as “virginal” and analytical—not so in love. You are a caring and nurturing lover. You take the time to find out what your partner wants and to provide it. You also want a lover to know what pleases you. You set great importance on loyalty and faithfulness. You need someone who is interested in the long-haul. Casual affairs are difficult for you.


Scorpio is probably the sign most often associated with sensuality. Perhaps this is because you are passionate and feel your emotions with intensity. You have a charismatic magnetism and will attract many potential lovers. In love, you know what you want and go after it with single-minded attention, no matter how long it takes. You tend to be secretive about your relationships and don’t commit lightly. You need a partner who will match your passion but not want to be in charge all the time. You like running the show.


You find casual sex difficult and prefer to be intimately involved with your lovers. Your considerable passion is best when used as an expression of closeness and love. The closer you are with your partner, the stronger your sensual passion is. You also like your love life to be fun and playful. You need a partner who can have fun both in and out of the bedroom, and not take life too seriously.


You don’t commit to a relationship unless you’re sure. You are steady and reliable and want a relationship that is secure and likely to last. You also expect loyalty and faithfulness from your partner. You may be a sophisticated, aloof person in the boardroom, but in the bedroom, you can be extremely earthy and sensual. 


You are understanding and sympathetic in a relationship but not necessarily one who takes commitment seriously. You like a variety of romantic experiences and need someone who can be adventurous as well as affectionate. You don’t like to be limited—physically, emotionally, or intellectually, and need a partner who gives you the emotional space you require, and at the same time, can create intimacy and closeness.


You can be passionate and sacrificing. Lovemaking, for you, is a spiritually elevating experience and you feel with body, mind, and soul. You tend to idealize your partners and overlook their faults until it’s too late. You need someone who is grounded and practical and won’t let you be too self-sacrificing. You require a lover who will also be able to use sexuality as a transcendent experience.

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