Trance Channeling brings the wisdom of light beings into the world for us to benefit from their channeled wisdom.

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What is Channeling?

Channeling grew out of the mediumship and séance rage of the early 20th century. A fascination with contacting the spirits of the dead gave way to a desire to connect with a greater dimensional intelligence and wisdom and channeling was born.

The evolving metaphysical movement with its unique blending of eastern and western religious and spiritual traditions brought a desire to experience something of the Akasha—a cosmic database of everything that has ever existed or will exist.

There was also an interest in spiritual beings such as angels, devas, and fairies and a desire to experience them more personally. The vast number of UFO contact accounts created a demand for ways to communicate with beings from other planets—thus people started channeling these beings too.

There are so many unanswered questions now, that individuals with the ability to go beyond the limits of normal conscious barriers—channel—are in demand by a great many people. We sense the changes occurring in the world and want answers about what the universe is all about and how we fit into the grand scheme of things. Channeling can answer those questions.

Only 30 years ago, channelers and mediums kept a low public profile. They often came under fire from the local well-meaning religious folk who feared that channeling and channelers were involved in Devil worship and black magic. In those days, most people associated channeling and mediumship with the “Hollywood” version of glow-in-the-dark seances and shrieking sheet-clad ghosts.

Although a few mediums and channelers gained some respectability and fame, many were debunked as fakes and frauds. However, most sincere mediums and channelers had a modest following and helped those who came to them for advice and guidance.

In the 1980’s everything changed—there were channelers and channeling everywhere. Some became world famous. Seth, one of the first superstar channeled intelligences, who came through Jane Roberts, imparted volumes of knowledge and wisdom about life beyond the material and astral worlds.

Another famous channel, through J.Z. Knight called himself Ramtha. This dramatic entity used channeling to teach the Ramtha version of the Truth. This also brought Ms. Knight a sizable income. Ramtha suffered mighty blows as rumors of fakery were circulated among the devoted fans. Her books, however, are as popular as ever.

All these channelers pack in seekers of truth like ants at a picnic. There are myriads of others who gained some degree of fame and reputation as genuine channels: Ashtar Command, Michael, Yada, Djwal Khul, St. Germain, Dr. Peebles, and Solaris are only a few well-known channeled energies.

Which channelers are truly who and what they claim? It seems some people with a little psychic ability jump on the bandwagon when they don’t really know what they’re doing.

Some people give out far-fetched idealism or spout gloom and doom dramatics. Often, these attention grabbers burst into fame and fortune (or try to) then fizzle out into obscurity or discredit, while genuine channelers keep a steady and secure paced of teaching and service.


Johar and Simon are Causal Plane Light Beings who speak through Anita while she is in a deep trance.

In their words,

“We are dedicated to bringing light and “truth” to spiritual seekers. We reside in the non-physical realm you call the causal plane.

This is a realm where many minds come together and work as one for the betterment of all living things. We channel, that is we use Anita Burn’s mind as a conduit for our messages, instructions, and guidance for all who seek our help.

We, Johar and Simon represent nearly 2,000 sparks of consciousness. We were all, at one time, human like you and have expanded, through the centuries, to this state of union.

In these times of growth and change on your planet, many are awakening to their source of light and many are born with the light within already prepared for greater things to come.

We are here to be of assistance and service in whatever ways we are able. As you peruse the rest of this site, we hope that you gain something positive for your life.”

Namaste—The God in us greet the God in you.”

Johar and Simon

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