Denial is Not Just a River in Egypt – the 12th House

The 12th house is a difficult one for many astrologers and students to understand and interpret. In traditional astrology, it represents institutions, illusion, and self-undoing. In its deepest, esoteric meaning, the 12th house is our journey to cosmic unity through dissolving the boundaries of time and space—object/subject—to return to the universal home from which we emerged.

Soul Groups

When we first incarnate into physical existence, we do so as sparks of a greater whole. We evolve as individual beings, mostly unaware that we are but a small piece of a greater self.

When we reach the final stages of spiritual evolution, we begin to reunite with our greater self but with full self-awareness. When we finally finish our need to be separate and incarnate into physical existence, we rejoin our group.

Because of karma and individual choices, not all our souls incarnate and evolve at the same rate. Some “graduate” sooner than others. Some are in spirit while others are in Astral, and so forth. When a group is complete, it begins to join with other groups to form an even greater mind.

Johar is a part of a large group of ascended souls who have joined their consciousnesses together in a great consciousness.

Johar is the “voice” of the group that Anita and Allen are a part of. There are nearly 1,000 souls in the complete group. There are a few hundred still to complete their cycles of earthly existence before the group will be complete.

Johar’s last individual incarnation was in ancient Babylonia. They come through Anita and anyone else who is compatible with the group’s energy. Their mission is to help awakening souls to their true and greater spiritual selves.

They give advice, guidance, and instruction. They give healing and reveal wisdom and knowledge about destiny, karma, truth, and how to overcome the obstacles and challenges standing in the way of true happiness.

Simon is the “voice” for a completed group that is joining with Johar’s group. Their mission is to assist and add greater empowerment to the Johar group. Simon’s messages are often more lively and earthy than Johar. Both groups always give truth and help us understand ourselves and our place in the destiny of the world.

They have vast knowledge, wisdom, and insight into our lives as a whole and bring us to a place of centeredness and healing that is deeper than on just the physical and emotional level.

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

There are tons of systems in the world promising you miraculous and wondrous changes. NLP is one of the few systems that can really back up its claim to help you create more success and greater empowerment in all areas of your life—body, mind, and spirit.

Empower yourself – NLP is a proven, system to discover and empower your true self and to help you let go of emotions, habits, patterns, blocks, and more in a fast and really dynamic way.

Connect with your Core self – NLP is more than information. It is a way to connect with your core self and separate from the “false personality.” It is the ability to use your mind rather than letting it run your emotions and behaviors. It is not a philosophy, belief, or creed but a set of “tools,” and a way of thinking based on the discoveries and practices of Dr. Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Dr. Carl Jung, and many more pioneers in the field of mind, emotions, and success.

Take Charge – NLP shows you how to take charge of your life, find success, know yourself, expand your awareness, and have powerful ways to help others.

Live Successfully – NLP is successfully used all over the world as a dynamic life model, for successful living, both personal and in career, but what most people don’t realize is that NLP is based on the most powerful systems of success and transformation from ancient times to modern.

Carved into the temple of Delphi are these wise words: “Know Thyself.” Those words mean more than knowing your personality or character, they mean knowing yourself at your essence. NLP is the most direct, fastest, and most dynamic way to “Know thyself” and to become “thyself.”

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Anita Burns and David Lintner

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The Cycle of the Ages–Aquarius Dawns

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years…all familiar cycles within cycles. But there is another cycle that we seldom think about. It is the cycle of ages within what is called the “Great Year” and it, through astrological influences, affects, dictates, and impacts nations, weather patterns, governments, and changes in national tastes, behaviors, tendencies, and fashions.

The Great Year has a cycle of about 25,868 years, during which time all the signs of the Zodiac take turns influencing the Earth and its inhabitants. The time the Earth spends under the influence of each sign is called a “Great Month.” The Earth moves through each sign slowly (about every 2,000 years) creating the opportunity for its influences to affect large numbers of people and geological occurrences.

This whole process is due to something called the “Procession of the Equinoxes. Because of a slight wobble in the Earth’s rotation, the constellation that the Earth appears to be passing in front of at the vernal equinox (around March 21), gradually changes, moving backward through the zodiac. We are now in the “age” of Pisces, going into the “age” of Aquarius.

The astrological sign for each great month is also influenced by its opposite (six signs away) sign. This is known as “polarity.” For example, the influences now are Pisces and Virgo. When we enter the Aquarian age, Leo will also be a prominent influence.

Although this has been going on as long as there has been a Zodiac and Earth, the earliest Great Month we have any real knowledge of is Leo, around 10,000-8000 BC.

LEO/AQUARIUS (10,000-8000 BC):

Leo, ruled by the Sun itself was important to this age of humans. In their primitive, coming-into-being stage of development, creativity was the highlight of this age. Basic inventions and discoveries such as fire, the wheel, stone arrowheads and tools, beautiful and bold carvings and cave paintings all reflect the influences of Leo and its opposite sign of Aquarius.


Here, humans emerged from caves and began forming more complex societies. They were less and less nomadic and started farming. This was first seen in China, Egypt, India, and Mesopotamia. Fertility cults and rites abounded and were characterized by round, female carvings with large breasts and stomachs.

These “Venus fetishes” were used in many of the emerging cultures of the time, but especially from Turkey and Yugoslavia. This strongly showed the influence of Cancer, ruled by the Moon and representing fertility and motherhood, as well as the home. The spiritual practices shifted, during this period from worshipping the Sun, to worshipping the Moon.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, god of the intellect, communication, and mobility. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, god of gods, religion, large and dramatic changes, truth, and knowledge. Here is when writing developed. The written word is probably the first sweeping invention to change global society on a grand scale.

Starting with rough symbolic icons on pottery, writing was quickly refined into the complex cuneiform and the pictogram Hieroglyphics of China and Egypt. Religion also became more formalized and the first groups of humans came together in a formal setting to learn and acquire knowledge. This is the beginning of the university system. It is also in this age that we see the first widespread use of the wheel, which enabled humans to communicate and commune with others at greater and greater distances.

TAURUS/SCORPIO (4000-2000 BC):

In this age, humans become grounded. Taurus, the Bull constellation is ruled by the planet Venus and is concerned with physical comfort, beauty, music, and solidarity. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto is fascinated by death, rebirth, secrets, and intensity. During this time, worship of the sacred Apis Bull was a widespread cult.

The temples of the time were both massive and solid and light, graceful, and airy, an effect that is dizzying to the visitor even today. Scorpio came into play with the Egyptians (and other well-known cultures such as Crete and Mesopotamia) and their preoccupation with death. Their massive tombs and elaborate mummification rites reflect Scorpio’s influence. Even in the Judeo/Christian cults, the story of Moses coming down the mountain to see the followers worshiping a golden calf tells the story of a changing from the age of Taurus into the next age of Aries, symbolized by the Ram.

ARIES/LIBRA (2000 BC-100 AD):

As mentioned above, Moses symbolizes the change from the age of Taurus, into the age of Aries. Mars and Venus both rule this age. Mars whose Arian urge is for conquest and war was oddly combined with Venus’ Libran need for peace and balance. During this time the architecture changed from the massive stone temples and mud-brick palaces to the delicate elegance of Greek temples, homes and public buildings.

Ram worship abounded and war was everywhere. Conquest after conquest, humans tested their ability to expand and rule. The wandering warlike tribes of Israel are a good example. They were as bloodthirsty as they were religious and their daily temple sacrifices of goats and sheep had a river of blood streaming down a gutter day and night. Violence was typically depicted in art, especially in Greek pottery. And yet, this was the time when balance and equilibrium were also sought after.

Wars and conquests made way for more equality in government, human rights, and a voting senate. Architecture and literature had a symmetry and elegant beauty that can be found in every culture of the day.

PISCES/VIRGO (100 -2000 AD):

In religion, Jesus is the figure that most represents the moving from Aries into Pisces. The symbol of Christians was and is the fish, which also symbolizes Pisces. Jesus referred to as the Lamb of God, is also associated with “fishers of men.” Fish were scratched as secret signs on the walls of the catacomb meeting places near Rome, Italy.

The Pisces polarity of Virgo, the Virgin is aptly represented in the mythology of the Virgin Mary, and through the central theme of Christianity, which is peace, love, humility, and charity. Pisces is a sign of spirituality, inner exploration, and emotions.

During this time the birth of psychiatry, psychology, non-traditional spiritual practices, and the joining of the Eastern and Western spiritual thought have taken place. Virgo dissects, questions, finds out how things work, makes things smaller and more efficient. The rise in technology speaks for itself here. A computer that would once have taken up acres of room to operate even at the most basic level, can now be put on a chip so small it cannot be seen without great magnification.

AQUARIUS/LEO (2000 – 4000 AD):

Although according to many, the Aquarian Age doesn’t really start until around 2300, the “New Age” is showing its influence in space travel, a greater concern for the human rights in the world, a desire to disarm and practice what we preach about global peace, and an increasing dependence on technology and science.

The keyword for Aquarius is “humanity,” and hopefully, the age of Aquarius will bring more and more global unity and concern for the human race as a whole, aside from nationalistic greed and avarice. Leo can temper Aquarius’ tendency to leap before looking and to keep creativity flowing. Aquarius cares about humanity but sometimes neglects those close at hand. Leo can bring concern and caring to those near and dear.

The Great Months of the Great Year are also influenced by many smaller planetary cycles. And the whole process forms a complex web of effects that form a symphony of trends, changes, and evolution. As we grow more and aware and spiritually mature, we use these cycles and influences for higher and higher purposes. I am hopeful that there will one day be a real Golden Age.

Channeling or Mediumship

Many professional channelers don’t consider themselves to be “mediums.” But what is the difference between a channeler and a medium? For some, only the name. For others, each focuses on a different source for their messages. Mediums are specially trained to contact the spirits of the dead.

They come through the medium to give reassurance and proof of their survival to loved ones still living. A channeler’s sources are often beings from greater dimensions such as guides, angels, interdimensional intelligences, or other expanded consciousness beings. Channeled messages are less about personal relationships, money and family, and more on spiritual growth, karma, reincarnation, and advice on how to live a successful life.

The ebbing of the Piscean age and Kali Yuga (age of darkness according to ancient Vedic texts), and the dawning of the Aquarian Age is stimulating more and more seekers to find answers. But with so many channelers available, all claiming to have the “keys to heaven,” how do you know who is genuine?

How much they charge is one clue. It’s okay for channelers to charge for services. After all, it is his or her job and channelers have bills too. But be on guard for obvious greed. Get a reference from someone else. Read about channeling and channeled books to become familiar with the different types of channeling.

After you have been to the channeler, determine whether the information was useful. Never swallow whole, everything a channeler says. Use your own inner guidance as to whether your session was helpful or not.

A channel isn’t a fortune teller so don’t expect specific answers about your future. Beware of depressing messages of doom and destruction, or outlandish statements of obvious bias such as “Only Christians have the truth.” Be intelligent about choosing a channeler. Do your homework and you could form a long and beneficial relationship with a channel who can guide you through life.


Anita Burns


Trance Channeling brings the wisdom of light beings into the world for us to benefit from their channeled wisdom.

Watch a Video of Anita Channeling Johar and Simon


What is Channeling?

Channeling grew out of the mediumship and séance rage of the early 20th century. A fascination with contacting the spirits of the dead gave way to a desire to connect with a greater dimensional intelligence and wisdom and channeling was born.

The evolving metaphysical movement with its unique blending of eastern and western religious and spiritual traditions brought a desire to experience something of the Akasha—a cosmic database of everything that has ever existed or will exist.

There was also an interest in spiritual beings such as angels, devas, and fairies and a desire to experience them more personally. The vast number of UFO contact accounts created a demand for ways to communicate with beings from other planets—thus people started channeling these beings too.

There are so many unanswered questions now, that individuals with the ability to go beyond the limits of normal conscious barriers—channel—are in demand by a great many people. We sense the changes occurring in the world and want answers about what the universe is all about and how we fit into the grand scheme of things. Channeling can answer those questions.

Only 30 years ago, channelers and mediums kept a low public profile. They often came under fire from the local well-meaning religious folk who feared that channeling and channelers were involved in Devil worship and black magic. In those days, most people associated channeling and mediumship with the “Hollywood” version of glow-in-the-dark seances and shrieking sheet-clad ghosts.

Although a few mediums and channelers gained some respectability and fame, many were debunked as fakes and frauds. However, most sincere mediums and channelers had a modest following and helped those who came to them for advice and guidance.

In the 1980’s everything changed—there were channelers and channeling everywhere. Some became world famous. Seth, one of the first superstar channeled intelligences, who came through Jane Roberts, imparted volumes of knowledge and wisdom about life beyond the material and astral worlds.

Another famous channel, through J.Z. Knight called himself Ramtha. This dramatic entity used channeling to teach the Ramtha version of the Truth. This also brought Ms. Knight a sizable income. Ramtha suffered mighty blows as rumors of fakery were circulated among the devoted fans. Her books, however, are as popular as ever.

All these channelers pack in seekers of truth like ants at a picnic. There are myriads of others who gained some degree of fame and reputation as genuine channels: Ashtar Command, Michael, Yada, Djwal Khul, St. Germain, Dr. Peebles, and Solaris are only a few well-known channeled energies.

Which channelers are truly who and what they claim? It seems some people with a little psychic ability jump on the bandwagon when they don’t really know what they’re doing.

Some people give out far-fetched idealism or spout gloom and doom dramatics. Often, these attention grabbers burst into fame and fortune (or try to) then fizzle out into obscurity or discredit, while genuine channelers keep a steady and secure paced of teaching and service.


Johar and Simon are Causal Plane Light Beings who speak through Anita while she is in a deep trance.

In their words,

“We are dedicated to bringing light and “truth” to spiritual seekers. We reside in the non-physical realm you call the causal plane.

This is a realm where many minds come together and work as one for the betterment of all living things. We channel, that is we use Anita Burn’s mind as a conduit for our messages, instructions, and guidance for all who seek our help.

We, Johar and Simon represent nearly 2,000 sparks of consciousness. We were all, at one time, human like you and have expanded, through the centuries, to this state of union.

In these times of growth and change on your planet, many are awakening to their source of light and many are born with the light within already prepared for greater things to come.

We are here to be of assistance and service in whatever ways we are able. As you peruse the rest of this site, we hope that you gain something positive for your life.”

Namaste—The God in us greet the God in you.”

Johar and Simon